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Oh candida you are teaching me the BEST Pancakes!

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Oh Candida, how I hate you and every other fungal overgrowth caused by my deranged kapha.  

And yes, maybe part of the problem is alll the emotional srings I put on cake and all the ways it functions as a celebratory food that is a big reward for the brain (read: fluctuating blood sugar has been shown to cause metabolic syndrome like insulin resistance and pcos at least not to mention all the problems with inflammation and all the many allergens in cake.

But Candida, you don't know how much I love cake!

So I'm going around you.  

I take 1 cup coconut flour

and 3.4 T Baking powder

a pinch salt.

1/4 cup freshly pan roasted and powdered in the coffee grinder pepitos (green pumpkin seeds)

with 1 and 1/2 cups almond milk

and a combination of 3 eggs or 'flax eggs' (1 T+ of flax powder per 1/8 cup water makes one egg)  I used one egg and two 'flax eggs'

1 T good vanilla or more

and any or all of the chai spices:  cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, dried ginger, black pepper

pancake griddle wiith coconut oill hot, 

several minutes on a side.  a few more than regular pancakes.

gluten free, can be vegan with 'flax eggs'.  <33

smear with raw organic almond butter and enjoy without the inflammation or allergic reactions!  

Rutabaga and Turnip Smash

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I've had to create meals that are anti-fungal for my own health issue: candida!  

I read that rutabagas are some of the most anti-fungal, and although I was very skeptical I picked up a couple.

Here is a recipe which combines rutabagas with  turnips and WORKS!

The secret is a heavy dose of the anti-fungal: Garlic!

Into a food processor add:

1 rutabaga and 1 turnip which have been cubed and boiled til done

7 garlic cloves

2 1/2 T unsweetened almond milk

1 T tarmari

4 T organic olive oil

1 healping t miso

1 T fresh thyme or 

3 T fresh basil (or both)

Puree.  Warm and Enjoy. 


Coconut Curry Carrot Composition

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I haven't updated my food blog in a while as I've been busy with some other projects

I have a client with a very restrictive diet who has been trying to move more vegetables into his diet.  Tonight's inspiration are carrots.  The result was so fantastic I have to post it. 

This item is available fed-exed in a sealed jar for 2.50 a serving, or please, make it yourself!

Add 1 cup raw cashew

5 sliced carrots with a bit of the top to

3 T olive oil

2 T coconut oil

l1 t each turmeric, cayenne, ginger, 2t cumin and 1/2 t salt (or less) which have been tempering.  

Add 16 oz coconut water (with or without pulp) and 1.5 cups coconut milk (organic, please!). 

Add 3 cups of water or low-sodium (homemade!) broth. 

Simmer on medium high heat for 15 minutes or until the carrots are soft enough to blend with a stick blender. 

2 minutes before blending, add 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves (that you grew yourself!).

 .Serve in cups or bowls with some small diced cucumber on the side.

.this is a very rich soup that can double as actual curry over brown rice.  It is rich in fat and protein and good for a person transitioning from a heavy meat/dairy diet.  It's a very satisfying vegan dish.   Serves 8+.

Hearty.    Give it a try. 

gluten free, egg free, tomato free, garlic free, onion free pizza like food

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boil the beets, carrots, thyme, basil, dandelion, tamari puree and cook for a few hours.  This is the tomato sauce that you put on top of a Bob's Mill Gluten Free Pizza crust made with flax meal instead of eggs.  I'd add garlic and onions to this but my client is on a  no sulfur diet.

On top of that I put organic red bell peppers and organic zuke discs that I'd rolled in olive oil and thyme and roasted, sauteed mushrooms and spinach, a chopped goat/sheep feta (fancy!), julienned tempeh crisp fried in sunflower oil and hit with umeboshi plum vinegar.  Baked in the oven at 350 for 8-14 minutes til desired doneness.

serious health food.  CHOMP!


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I made a lovely Chia Fresca with water, coconut water and chia seeds and a little lime juice.  My macro coach reminds me that coconuts are good when it's over 100 degrees, which it isn't yet (thank goodness!) but I made an exception to try this drink.

Added to water at a ratio of 1:9, the seeds will expand and make a gel.  Use this property to make some unique and very healthful gels by adding chia to various beverages.  Don't forget to mix your saliva with the chia by chewing this gel-like beverage.  If that doesn't appeal to you, sprinkle them in your food....

Dr Weil loves chia seeds for healing!

Its history is also shortly discussed in this article.  Worth the quick read.

And not only that but you can have hours of fun with the various chia pets and chia pet jokes such as this one:

AND! It's a very pretty relative of the mint family, so it looks great in your garden or under your windows or as a border plant.  Try growing it!  It's easy!


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The Romans loved artichokes so much the preserved them in syrup to be eaten throughout the year!  

I discovered artichokes several years ago and was delighted.  I love foods that engage your senses, like the artichoke.  Eating an artichoke is very tactile and sensual.   They have been considered an aphrodisiac...

I love to mix lemon juice, minced garlic and olive oil, and dip the little leaves in this.  It's simple (and anti inflammatory!).   And DELICIOUS!

Artichokes are known as a 'food for the rich' as it helps reduce the problems with a rich diet, and have been used since ancient times for conditions of the liver, gallbladder and bladder as well as for 'cleaning the blood.'   The Egyptians prized it as a health and diet food.  Artichoke is very high in fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, and phosporous.   It is a thistle and helps the liver like other thistles (blessed thistle, in particular).

Apparently, the anti-oxidant levels in artichoke are among the highest for vegetables.  They have properties that help prevent cancer.  Not only good for gall bladder and liver, they are also a diuretic.   They are very high in fiber and help the liver detox and help lower cholesterol...

So delicious!

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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The first challenge to a truly anti inflammatory diet  is quitting those things that are causing inflammation:  sugar, dairy, meat and trans fats, refined flours such as in processed foods, food additives such as MSG, and low quality (and GMO) cooking oils,   Nightshade vegetables (potatoes tomatoes eggplant tobacco) can also be inflammatory.

Allergens can also be very adept at causing pain and inflammation.  Finding out what allergens might be causing you trouble is not always that easy.  

The most common food allergens are:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Wheat
One way to identify if you have allergens is to adopt a VERY simple diet of one or two foods (yams and brown rice are sometimes considered non-allergenic) and slowly add a new food for a few days and see how your body reacts.  A food diary can also help you pinpoint these pain-causing allergens.

A lot of time when one tries to eliminate all these foods listed above, the allergens and inflammatory dietary ingredients and one finds that it is very difficult.  There are emotional and physiological rewards for eating these foods. Try to have healthy alternatives for the cravings you anticipate.  Also, check out Sarah Wilson's blog, or her book I Quit Sugar.

 Realize you are working with multiple layers of biochemical processes.

Take, for example, Milk:

Milk is digested through the casomorphin pathway.  When an infant mammal is nursing, of course we would want the milk it is getting to keep it calm.  When human adults eat milk every single day this morphin pathway is constantly sated.  Quitting drinking it becomes very similar (though certainly less intense) to quitting other morpines. 

If a person is dairy-allergenic, further complications in the allergenic response can bring further pain and inflammation to the point of anaphlaxys...

Giving up dairy for a period can help you find out how your body feels without it.  When you give up all these allergenic foods all at once, it's very important to have a diet in place that can bring you the feelings of satiety that these foods bring.  Sometimes, the feeling of emptiness in your gut, when I stop eating wheat for example, is less mucus, which at first feels odd.  If one wants to try an anti-inflammatory diet, it is more effective if one give up these things one at a time and stabilize without them.   Sometimes it's also good to get rid of them out of my diet, one after the other until I feel a little better.  

There are excellent products made from few ingredients that can help you make the transition off of these inflammatory foods.  With milk, for example, there are wonderful grain and nut based 'milks' that can effectively fill that slot in your diet.  

Amasake fermented rice drink tastes just like a shake but is made from brown rice and has health benefits instead of damage.  It's kind of expensive in the health food store but can make it yourself.

You can make raw crackers, which have no gluten or flours or sugars or transfats (and are DELICIOUS!)

There are some dairy free, refined sugar free frozen treats, or freeze your easy to make SUNSHINE RAW PIE

If you love sugar, dates, cherry juice and Sweet Vegetable Drink (link below) are helpful!  Think of sweet whole foods like apple or pecans that can help satiate your cravings without causing you pain.  If whole grains are chewed long enough, they taste sweet.  Stevia helps some people.  

Really, the first step toward an anti-inflammatory, healing diet that makes you feel great is making the decision to find other ways to feel satiated for a while.  Initially, as you eliminate allergens and foods that create pain in the body (described in the first paragraph) you may have intense emotions, digestive symptoms, anxiety, cravings and other symptoms.  It could be argued that these foods have drug like affects in the body.  The problem is, that no matter what the reward of these 'drugs' is for you, it is very likely that the cost to your health and feelings of viatality greatly outpaces these rewards.  For a while you may have to treat it as a drug you are quitting.

For me, this makes it easier.  "I'm a little high-strung, but I'm kicking chocolate.  I think I'll give myself a break."

Also, for sugar cravings, my wonderful Macro Coach Candice recommended Sweet Vegetable Drink.

It's weird, but it totally works.

When you come to a place where your desire to have health, or be pain-free, outweighs your desire for foods that are inflammatory, you have reached step 1.  Welcome.  It's not always an easy road, but it's totally worth it.

Anti-Inflammatory, Allergen Free

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I will talk about Allergens in a subsequent post.  Here I'm going to talk a little about Inflammation.  This is an evolving post that will grow.  Further edits will be done in colors so they can be found easily.

Healing with Whole Foods was a long process for me.  It still is.  Healing the things in my psyche and emotion that want cake every day has been it's own interesting journey.  Beginning there, and forcing myself to exercise enough (sometimes) has helped reduce my pain level and keep my lymph moving to remove the toxic crap I'm picking up through diet and environment and lifestyle.

Certainly the most healing anti inflammatory  diet is vegan, or perhaps vegan plus fish, in my opinion.  When you are trying to evoke a healing response in the body, you have to stop inunndating it with stuff that  has a high likelihood to evoke a pain response:  sugar, dairy, flours, meats.

  The biochemical pathway for these inflammatory foods in your body releases substances that elicit pain in the body.  When I eat these I'm reaching for my bottle of Turmeric Capsules three times a day.  (Which I have substituted for Tylenol, Motrin and other OTC painkillers. Turmeric is a benefit for the body, liver, etc and causes your blood to be less sticky=less strokes, more oxygenation to places in your body that need healing.  See earlier posts about Turmeric. ) 

Inflammation is one way your body is trying to bring healing to an area.  Sending that area OXYGENATED blood is essential for moving components for building tissue in as well as removing debris and chemicals that signal for pain.  IF those tissues don't have good lymph and blood flow, pain can reverberate in a negative feedback loop, receptors continuously receiving the message of damage which can make the whole area tighten up (at least).  This is why any talk about systemic anti-inflammatory programs must include a regimen of movement and breathing, in my opinion.  Also, massage is a very helpful tool to reduce systemic pain chemicals from the body, and has been shown in double blind studies to be a helpful treatment for fibromyalgia.

To evoke a cleansing reaction, to eliminate these inflammatory chemicals left over from earlier food/intoxicant debauchery, I first reduce the complexity of my diet.  I eat one-five ingredient meals.  I concentrate on leafy greens, beets, garlic, ginger tea, cayenne, lemon/lemon water.  If I'm feeling really toxic, been eating chicken or too many rice noodles I might drink Green Juice more.

My macro coach Candice prompted this exact recipe.  ( I don't know how I would get along without Candice!!)

Organic green apple

One bunch organic parsley

One organic cucumber (ORGANIC!)

1/2 bundle organic kale

4-6 stalks organic celery


This drink works.  Helps your body kind of find a balance out of sludge.  It builds and purifies the blood.  It helps me feel more in balance.

(Diet has been one of my research areas since I was 19, convinced to turn vegetarian by Diet for New America and my own inner values.  I read an academic tome about the biochemistry of nutrition and I was hooked.  I studied herbs for nutrition, and as a hobo activist freak would carry a pocket size herbal encyclopedia to study and for reference. I have a formal education in physiology and the pre-med series.  Nutrition has always fascinated me, as have the processes of the body.  As well, I am a dedicated 'foodie.'  Discovering that for health reasons I had to keep my diet high, I discovered how to make healthy food taste great. Also, I am always learning new things!  and profoundly enjoy sharing wonderful discoveries!)

Sunshine Raw Pie

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In the 90's this hobo freak started this coffee house/community center in Eugene, Oregon.  

And when I say hobo freak I mean an iconoclast action taker, thinker and ...I found out much later....

a poet.  Scroll down to the bottom for a poem he wrote.

He taught me how to make this raw pie 20 years after that scene, last year.  

I adapted it to individual cupcake tins:  a tart like Raw-Pie

Crust:  3 parts nuts add 1 part dates in the food processor:  press into pie plate or cupcake tins.

Puree: a banana and an avocado, spoon over crust.

Chop: Nectarine, Pear, (puree or chop) mango, 1/4 lime juice  Spoon over Banana-Avo pudding.

Slice or Chop Strawberries and Kiwis to decorate the top.  Chill.  Enjoy!


My Offering


Here is my offering:

Apologies piled high.

Words upon words upon words.

A hundred thousand times too many.

A multitude,

weak and selfish.

One shy of enough.


You lifted me.

Caressed my trembling hands.

Fed me breast and blood,

youth and fire.

Emptied me of questions and

milked my sorrow of tears.

Made me still.


In return I raised you on

salted wings and despair,

escape and swollen promises.

Forged you in my own painful image,

that beside me you might taste

the sweet depths of relief.


Mine is of Darkness:

Spring murdered by a final,

desperate frost.

Dead moths disguised as butterflies

flutter in my wake,

their eyes painted innocent. Childlike.


Shall I make hunger?

Spread thirst and anger?

Death follows no one, takes no orders.

Ancient memories evade her grasp.


Bring with you your cup.

I will cut out it's bottom and wait

with you by the fountains,

till the waters run dry and they flow,

once again, with desire.




Molasses Tar Balls

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Look for a coming post on the importance of using fair trade cocoa....
Please seek Organic products whenever possible
Filled with Iron, Zinc, Calcium, vitamin E, protein, antioxidants, (caffeine), manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, trace minerals, protein, fiber and b-vitamins...

Great as part of an 'instant energy that lasts' preparation, such as on a bicycle trip. 

1.5 parts sunflower seed or almond butter
1 part backstrap molasses
(add powdered herbs like ginger or cinnamon as desired)

add powdered cocoa and stir until ganache like, add a bit more and work into a dough.  These can be eaten directly or frozen.  If they're put on the dehydrator for 4.5 hours they become MOLASSES SUNFLOWER TARBALLS.  They're delicious, nutritious and amazing!  Look!