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Posted on March 28, 2013 at 1:50 PM

I will talk about Allergens in a subsequent post.  Here I'm going to talk a little about Inflammation.  This is an evolving post that will grow.  Further edits will be done in colors so they can be found easily.

Healing with Whole Foods was a long process for me.  It still is.  Healing the things in my psyche and emotion that want cake every day has been it's own interesting journey.  Beginning there, and forcing myself to exercise enough (sometimes) has helped reduce my pain level and keep my lymph moving to remove the toxic crap I'm picking up through diet and environment and lifestyle.

Certainly the most healing anti inflammatory  diet is vegan, or perhaps vegan plus fish, in my opinion.  When you are trying to evoke a healing response in the body, you have to stop inunndating it with stuff that  has a high likelihood to evoke a pain response:  sugar, dairy, flours, meats.

  The biochemical pathway for these inflammatory foods in your body releases substances that elicit pain in the body.  When I eat these I'm reaching for my bottle of Turmeric Capsules three times a day.  (Which I have substituted for Tylenol, Motrin and other OTC painkillers. Turmeric is a benefit for the body, liver, etc and causes your blood to be less sticky=less strokes, more oxygenation to places in your body that need healing.  See earlier posts about Turmeric. ) 

Inflammation is one way your body is trying to bring healing to an area.  Sending that area OXYGENATED blood is essential for moving components for building tissue in as well as removing debris and chemicals that signal for pain.  IF those tissues don't have good lymph and blood flow, pain can reverberate in a negative feedback loop, receptors continuously receiving the message of damage which can make the whole area tighten up (at least).  This is why any talk about systemic anti-inflammatory programs must include a regimen of movement and breathing, in my opinion.  Also, massage is a very helpful tool to reduce systemic pain chemicals from the body, and has been shown in double blind studies to be a helpful treatment for fibromyalgia.

To evoke a cleansing reaction, to eliminate these inflammatory chemicals left over from earlier food/intoxicant debauchery, I first reduce the complexity of my diet.  I eat one-five ingredient meals.  I concentrate on leafy greens, beets, garlic, ginger tea, cayenne, lemon/lemon water.  If I'm feeling really toxic, been eating chicken or too many rice noodles I might drink Green Juice more.

My macro coach Candice prompted this exact recipe.  ( I don't know how I would get along without Candice!!)

Organic green apple

One bunch organic parsley

One organic cucumber (ORGANIC!)

1/2 bundle organic kale

4-6 stalks organic celery


This drink works.  Helps your body kind of find a balance out of sludge.  It builds and purifies the blood.  It helps me feel more in balance.

(Diet has been one of my research areas since I was 19, convinced to turn vegetarian by Diet for New America and my own inner values.  I read an academic tome about the biochemistry of nutrition and I was hooked.  I studied herbs for nutrition, and as a hobo activist freak would carry a pocket size herbal encyclopedia to study and for reference. I have a formal education in physiology and the pre-med series.  Nutrition has always fascinated me, as have the processes of the body.  As well, I am a dedicated 'foodie.'  Discovering that for health reasons I had to keep my diet high, I discovered how to make healthy food taste great. Also, I am always learning new things!  and profoundly enjoy sharing wonderful discoveries!)

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