Our menu offerings are usually vegetarian and vegan, but we can custom create dishes to please almost any dietary regime.   We are skilled in gluten free and other allergenic diets.

Our goal is to help facilitate you reach your dietary goals.  So many health conditions begin with inflammation and pain, and EAT MY VEGGIES is dedicated to educating people about an anti-inflammatory diet and helping them to transition to a more healing diet.  We do this by making our dishes SCRUMPTIOUS!   

We cater to all people who want to eat a healthier diet, and give you whatever encouragement you need to meet that goal.

We realize that 'healthy diet' is absolutely different for everyone depending on various factors such as health conditions, culture, dietary restrictions and goals, and other variables.  We want you to define what healthy means to you and help you begin to move your diet in that direction.  

GLUTEN FREE Green Goddess Burrito!